Other Services

Air Condition
Free of charge. Starting date depends on weather conditions. There is a central cooling system that can be turned off by the remote control panel in the room.

Please ensure that your balcony door is closed and that your key card is attached to the energy saver on the wall, before you turn on the a/c, otherwise a/c will not start to operate.

To avoid unnecessary energy consumption, please make sure to remove they key card and turn off your a/c when you leave the room.

Safety Box

  • Free of charge.
  • Enter a 4 digit code while the hatch is open and press enter. Ready to use.
  • We recommend that you use the safety box in your room for all your valuables.
  • For your safety, we recommend that you close the balcony doors and windows at night and whenever you leave your apartment/room.
  • The hotel does not assume any responsibility for items not kept in the safety box.

Room Cleaning
Your Suite is cleaned everyday between 09.30-17.00. There is digital sign outside your room, and you control the light with the electric button in your room.

  • Green light – you want your room to be cleaned.
  • Red light – do not disturb, your room will not be cleaned.

**Fresh Bath Towels & Bed Linen **
Bring your towel card to our spa between 9-18 to get/change your pool and beach towel. Remember to return your last towel to the spa at the end of your holiday to get your towel card back. You return your towel card together with your key card in the reception at check out.

Would you like fresh bath towels and/or bed linen? Place your used towels/linen in the laundry basket in the bathroom.

✓ Why not re-use your towels and bed linens which help us significantly reduce our electricity, detergent and water usage? Be our environmental hero!

Smoking Policy

Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is permitted in designated smoking areas outside the hotel entrance. It is not allowed to smoke in the rooms, balconies and terraces.